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KGI Airporta

An off-site parking facility servicing both Kalgoorlie Airport and Kalgoorlie Rail Terminals.

Our parking service includes a complete and secure parking solution for travellers departing Kalgoorlie Terminals that is affordable and convenient.

Located just 1500 metres from the Kalgoorlie Airport Terminal, enjoy our FREE friendly Valet service and leave your vehicle safe and secure until you return.

Why not have your car washed, vacuum, or detailed while you are away?


1. Book your dates

(48 hours in advance please)

2. Drive to the terminal, unload your passengers and luggage.

3. Deliver your car to our secure facility

(1500 metres from airport)

4. Our Valet Service returns you to the Terminal

5. On return, we meet you on arrival, Valet you back to our facility, you drive back to the terminal to collect up your passengers and luggage. (You will be back before your luggage is on the conveyor belt)

Kalgoorlie Railway Station

Whether it's a weekend in Perth for the footy or your next trip to Bali, drive yourself and have us look after your car until you get back. Our friendly Valet service is what you have been that Taxi fare!


Save valuable time on shift changeovers, if you are looking for a better solution than double teaming your workers and having them stuck at the Airport waiting for late to us.

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